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Love to Tutor is the leading one to one private tuition service within Dartford, Kent and South London areas and continue to expand our coverage to hopefully help people over the whole of the UK. 

We pride ourselves on the personable service we offer our students, we get to know them on a social level which has allowed us to teach them in a much more effective way.

Our tutors are young and current and have a passion for their specialist subject and Love to Tutor them.

We have a very strong social media presence and we love to celebrate our students achievements and progress on Facebook and Instagram. We have found this acknowledgement has been a confidence booster for many students. We hope to make reaching your full potential academically ‘fashionable’ and ‘celebrated’ within our young people.

Love to Tutor boasts not only fantastic grades, but students who have obtained certain result against all odds and what they thought was possible.

If you are looking for a tutor that will suit your requirements or for your child or please do not hesitate to contact us, we have the perfect tutor for you.

All subjects and levels covered.

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