Love to Tutor is a tutoring company that has been able to create a sense of community. Here at Love to Tutor there is a great sense of togetherness and teamwork whether that be in a learning environment while working with your Tutor to learn and study or when you're on the football pitch crossing the ball in for your team mate to score. At Love To Tutor it doesn't matter who you are as you are given the opportunity to do both as their team and tutors are all about getting involved to give you the results you want in the most fun and interactive ways!

Love To Tutor Cup

On the 18th September Love To Tutor sponsored the amazing Tournament Kings UK for the amazing Love To Tutor Cup event at Goals Dartford. The U12 LTT team made up of some of the children which we tutor played against 5 other local teams to win the most prized possession the LTT Cup. This event brought the people at Love To Tutor closer to the local community which gave a feeling of unity and togetherness as kids and parents came down to support. It was a great opportunity to show their presence within the area which led everyone having a great time at the event!

Dartford Festival

In the summer of 2019 Love To Tutor had an exclusive stall at the Dartford Festival where they had the enjoyable experience of talking to the lovely people from the local areas about by giving advise and explaining how they could help in regards to tuition and learning. They ran interactive learning games and competitions which included some fantastic giveaways.

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